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Custom Grills/Smokers



Custom BBQ Grills / Smokers

All Smokers and Grills are custom and built to order. Please email to discuss a design and price that works for you. 


DELIVERY: If you are interested in our delivery anywhere in the DFW area please email us and we will talk specifics.


SHIPPING: Based on several factors - weight and location.




Custom Smoker $500.00






































- Firebox = 16"L x 16"W x 16"D

- Smoke Chamber = 16"L x 16"W x 3'H

- overall = 33"L x 16"D x 5'H



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Tail-Gate BBQ Grill $150.00



BBQ pits/smokers, metal, fort worth, texasBBQ pits/smokers, metal, fort worth texas                                                  - This grill is 12" round

     and a 1/4" thick with 9"

     legs. The length of the grill

     is 18". It has a removable

     grate for easy access to

     add charcoal. This is a grill

     about knee level and great

     for tail-gating at your favorite





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Custom BBQ Grill/Smoker $1200.00



BBQ pits/smokers, metal, fort worth, texas

    - This smoker is 24" round

       and 5/8" thick with a

       22" x 22" firebox that is

       1/4" thick;

       The smoke chamber

        itself is 3 ft long; It has

        removable grates for easy   

        access to add charcoal.

       Wheels make for 

        easy moving.

        This grill can last a life time

       with proper cleaning and




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Fire Pit $450.00


















- This is another great product for outdoor

grilling and cooking; With removable/swivel

grate and three different height settings; this

Fire Pit makes an easy adjustment of heat to cook

cook your food evenly. The bowl is 30"Wx 7"D.


- Star Decals can be changed out for another decal.

Please let us know.    



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